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Introducing your new favourite fruit snack – a range of delicious 100% fruit bites – with no pips, no peeling and no fuss. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favourite fruit on the go.

Our fruit is picked at it’s peak ripeness to give the best colour and flavour. It is then frozen at source as quickly as possible to lock in that deliciousness as well as all the goodness of vitamins and minerals. The frozen fruit is then placed under in a chamber where all the air is removed (called a vacuum) and the heat is slowly increased to a maximum of 40⁰C, which turns the water as ice straight into a gas and it leaves the fruit without damaging the cell structure. Once all the water has been removed you have a crisp and crunchy piece of fruit that won’t go mouldy and you can eat any time you like, anywhere you like, anyhow you like.

The key part of this process that makes us very different to the dried fruit you probably already know is the vacuum. Without this part of the process we would have to heat the fruit to a much higher temperature to remove the water (just like an oven) and this results in something that we think isn’t very much like the fresh fruit that we all love. These differences being:

  1. More water can be removed when freeze-drying, which means the fruit is crisp and crunchy rather than soft and chewy
  2. The low processing temperature means the fruit stays full and plump, very similar to how it was initially picked and doesn’t shrivelling up
  3. The low processing temperature also retains the bright colour and fresh flavour taste!
  4. The nutrients in fruits can easily be damaged, but because our process stays below 40⁰C, more than 90% of the vitamins and minerals are retained. This means all our products are high in vitamin C and one of your 5-a-day. It’s also good to know that every product is high in fibre, gluten-free and suitable for vegans – happy days!

The price varies from store to store but on average £1.49/pack (EUR 1,75/pack)

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. Our 100% pure fruit bites - Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad - are also vegan-friendly.

Yes 5th Season is considered to be healthy as it has no added sugar, is high in fibre, contains more than 90% of vitamins and nutrients of fruit and counts towards 1 of your 5 a day (or as 1 of the 2 recommended pieces of fruit a day).

Our Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad bites do not contain any dairy. 

Our Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad bites are 100% fruit, so these only contain a very low portion of fat. Please refer to the ingredient list of the packs on our website (under ‘pick your pack’) for more information on the fat content.

There is NO added sugar in our products – all sugar is natural from the fruit.

Yes our products are gluten-free.

At 5th Season, taste and quality of our products is hugely important to us so we focus our efforts on sourcing the best-tasting fruits at different times of the year dependent on growing conditions. This often means that much of our products come from very small sustainable producers who don’t necessarily have the means to have their products certified. They do however focus on producing fruits that are grown as close to organic as possible (such as not spraying their crops).

Please see the nutritional value of each pack on our website (under 'pick your pack') or the back of each pack.

Our fruit is ethically and sustainably sourced from the best fruit farming countries or sources in the world.

Our 100% fruit bites - Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad - count as 1 of your 5 a day.

One pack of our 100% fruit bites - Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad - is equivalent of 80g of fresh fruit.

We are looking into this option – please keep an eye on the website!

For best experience we recommend to consume it fresh after opening. Please refer to the BBE date at the back of each pack for more information on shelf life (note that this only counts for unopened packs).

Yes as our snacks are 100% fruit you can definitely let your children snack on our fruit bites. It is the perfect healthy snack for in their lunchbox as well!

As with all small pieces of food there is a risk of choking - please supervise young children.

Whilst our products themselves don’t contain nuts, they are made in factories that handle nuts so to be totally on the safe side its best to avoid them altogether – sorry!

Yes you can! You can order per case with 6 packs of each variant, or a mixed case with 2 packs each of our 100% fruit variants. Click on the 'shop' button at the top of our homepage to get your fruit fix! 

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Sorry to hear that – please get in touch with us at hello@5thseasonfruit.com and we’ll see what we can do to help.