Proud to be partnering with Farm Africa


5th Season is very proud to be partnering with Farm Africa to help female farmers in Eastern Africa thrive, not just survive. For every pack sold, we donate 1p to Farm Africa. Together we can help many more female farmers like Grace! Read Grace’s story below.

Why female farmers? Because they often have to deal with a disappointing harvest, not because of bad weather or poor soil quality, but because of their gender or, rather, because of a dense web of laws, policies, programs and customs that give them a significant disadvantage compared to male farmers.

Forty-year-old mother of seven kids – Grace Arineitwe – participates in Farm Africa’s coffee project in Kanungu, western Uganda.

“Before I got involved in the Farm Africa project, I was producing poor quality coffee, because I used to pick all the cherries from the branch, whether they were ripe or not. This resulted in lower prices and therefore low income. Now I have joined Farm Africa and I am also chairman of the Kayonza Coffee Growers Cooperative. In the near future I would like to be a big farmer, producing quality products, building a beautiful house and making sure my children get a good education.”

Click here for more information about Farm Africa and its projects.

Image: Farm Africa,Jjumba Martin