What is 5th Season?

5th Season is the perfect fruit snack for hangry adults and healthy kids: 100% natural, packed with vitamins and fibre, nothing added, gluten-free and low in calories. The perfect way to enjoy your favorite fruit in a pack. No pips, no peeling, no fuss.

How does the fresh fruit end up in a pack?

Great question! All our strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, raspberries, apples, blueberries and bananas are picked when the fruit is optimal in taste, color and shape. We then freeze the picked fruit in an accelerated process to preserve the sweet taste, vitamins & fibre. Once frozen, the fruit ends up in a room where we extract all the air (we call this a vacuum) and at the same time slowly add warm air up to a maximum of 40⁰C. This ensures that the frozen ice is immediately converted into gas, so that the fruit remains in optimal condition, shape and structure. When all the water has evaporated, a crispy piece of fruit, full of flavour, is created that you can take with you in our handy pack.

What is the difference between freeze-dried fruit and (sun)dried fruit?

The main difference and advantage is the 'vacuum' process that ensures that each fruit is de-iced at a low temperature. Because no oven or high temperature is involved, each 5th Season fruit retains its full nutritional value, taste and shape and has a long shelf life (approximately 18 months).

How much fruit is in one pack?

Each pack is equivalent to 80 grams of fresh fruit.

I am vegan/vegetarian.

No problem! All our fruits are made from 100% real fruit. Nothing else.

Is sugar added?

NO sugar is added. The sweet and full flavour that you experience is 100% the taste of the original fruit.

Is 5th Season gluten free?

Yes. All our products are gluten free.

Do you also have organic fruits?

Certainly. Check out our organic range consisting of: Fruit Salad, Pineapple, Mango & Raspberries and Banana & Blueberries.

Is 5th Season sustainable?

Yes. And we are very proud of that. Our fruit is grown in an ethically responsible and sustainably certified manner and produced in countries such as Egypt, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica and Peru. In addition, we donate 1p per item sold to Farm Africa, an organization that helps (female) farmers in Eastern Africa to thrive, not just survive.

How long can an opened package keep?

For the best 5th Season experience, we advise you to consume the fruits immediately after opening the pack.

Is 5th Season also suitable for children?

Absolutely. All our packs contain 100% real fruit, making it ideal as a healthy snack. For very young children, we advise supervision during consumption because the shape of a fruit can possibly get stuck in the throat.

I have a severe nut allergy. Can I eat 5th Season?

Although our products do NOT contain nuts, they can be packaged in a factory where nut products are in circulation and we prefer not to take any risks. Sorry! :)

Are you also for sale in the supermarket?

In the United Kingdom you can find us for example at Sainsbury’s.

I have a question or complaint. Where can I go?

Mail your question, suggestion or complaint to hello@5thseasonfruit.com and we will contact you as soon as possible!